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14 SEP 2020 - NEWS

Frank The Tank

Not just another vegan burger! With Frank The Tank NEXTERA® introduces a vegan burger concept like no other. Frank is more than just a contender to his standard meat buddies.

No, Frank is a challenger, a real bad-ass vegan burger with plant-based ingredients ready to set a new standard in your no-meat burger experience. He’s just that one burger who has it all. Healthy, convenient to prepare, he is composed of vegan ingredients and he is simply a pleasure to eat. Already craving?

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About Frank!

"I’m proud to present myself as the founder of ‘Frank The Tank’. Whitin Solina Group I’m known as a real passionate food engineer on vegetarian and vegan food concepts. With an extended knowledge of plant-based ingredients and with the help of my Solina colleagues we’ve come to a finished vegan burger concept. From the very beginning we realised we had to make Frank unique and versatile in order to make this burger a real star."

To make the taste experience of this burger concept complete, three vegan sauces were conceived:

  • Onion relish sauce: sweet & sour in combination with onion taste.
  • Chipotle BBQ sauce: welcome to Mexico! Sweet, spicy and with garlic.
  • Tomato Chutney sauce: sweet & sour, fruity.

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