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22 SEP 2020 - NEWS

Plant-based barbecue

Discover how NEXTERA® brings plant-based burgers, sausages and skewers to the grill!

Reinforced by eating at home because of the pandemic, but besides that a trend that has been rising for years and doesn't seem to be stoppable, 'barbecuing' has become one of the most prominent social eating moments amongst us.

The European 'grill market' is forecasted a 15,9% CAGR from 2020 to 2026 in volume and a value growth up to 5,978 mln. USD until 2026 (All The Research, 2019) which is more than a promising sign. Even more, consider the global rise of new protein foods which no survey contradicts any longer and you feel where we're heading to... Plant-based barbecue! Proactive as we are and thanks to the support Solina experts across our European sites, we're proud to introduce some inspirational NEXTERA new protein food concepts. And remember, there's no need to wait for next summer, barbecuing has become a year-round phenomenon now.

Burgers, sausages, skewers...

Beloved burger

Juicy, succulent, crumbly, this vegan burger delivers on all levels. Packed with high-quality soy proteins and delivering an authentic grill flavour like no other, this 100% vegan burger is one to admire. There's more... High in protein, high in fiber, saturated fat-free and obviously tagged with nutriscore A, this plant-based burger is bulging with nutrients and presenting itself as a perfect example of a tasty and nutritious new protein food concept.

Sandwiched between a burger bun, topped with vegetables and your custom burger sauce, there is absolutely no doubt this is not the real deal for any consumer thinking about reducing his or her meat consumption. It is the ultimate meat-free burger alternative without making compromises.

Solina taste solutions

Seasonings and sauces makes the difference! This burger is conceived with two very preferred tastes:

  • Taste sensation bacon: one orange, dry mix with light bacon and smoky flavor, paprika and tomato powder. A versatile product useful for various meal components.
  • Barbecue sauce: a deep red sauce with tomato puree, paprika puree and pickles. This spicy barbecue sauce is characterized by a light smoky flavor.

Super skewer

Crispy, tender, succulent, consumers will crave for their next barbecue to surprise family and friends with this mouthwatering vegetarian Super Skewer! The fibrous chicken like texture will certainly please any consumer. Being high in protein and tagged with nutriscore A, this plant-based skewer concept is definitely a hit for those aiming for a healthy lifestyle. Through a wet extrusion technology, the main ingredients wheat and soy are turned into a plant protein base, characterized by a firm and juicy texture.

Turn this plant-based skewer concept into a complete taste experience with a suitable, customized marinade or seasoning. By adding a variety of vegetables, the Super Skewer has all chances to succeed.

Solina taste solutions

A universe of possibilities. This skewer is conceived with two very preferred tastes:

  • Marinade with green herbs: custom developed. An oil marinade with parsley, dill, chervil, basil and garlic. The fragrant herbal bouquet provides along with the garlic a spicy taste.
  • Marinade smokey bbq: custom developed. A reddish brown oil marinade with bell pepper, parsley and thyme. Excellent for beautiful barbecue dishes with a smoky taste. American style barbecue!

NEXTERA®, your guide to plant-based barbecue concepts

Thinking about creating your very own customized plant-based barbecue style concept? Contact our experts! Advising on raw material (plant protein) selection, considering client preferences (taste profiles, nutritional benefits), supporting and advising on processing technology (dry/wet), incorporating additional taste solutions (seasonings, marinades, sauces, coatings etc.)... Our value proposition exist out of being present across the entire chain of developing a new protein food concept, depending on our clients' specific needs.

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